Winning cases on appeal is more difficult than winning at the trial level. It is a highly demanding and technical area of criminal defense that requires effective legal strategies, strong oral and written arguments, voluminous research, and a thorough understanding of the law.


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Winning at the appellate level is demanding, complex, and an indication of an attorney's skill. The criminal appeals attorneys of The McAfee Law Firm, PLLC have a history of successful appeals based on meticulous legal work, thorough preparation, and practice.


You cannot appeal the outcome of a trial just because you disagree with it. You must prove that there was an error in law at the trial level. The Court of Criminal Appeals will review the trial transcript and written and oral arguments by the defense before deciding whether the conviction should be upheld or overturned. Decisions can be further appealed to the Tennessee Supreme Court.


One of the keys to our success at the appellate level is the thoroughness of our work. In one recent case, we argued that the conviction should be overturned for three reasons. The court agreed with only one of them, but that was enough to win the appeal. In every appeals case, we diligently search for every possible reason for overturning the trial court's decision.

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