Drunk Driving: DUI/DWI

It can happen to anyone: one too many drinks with dinner and you are stopped for drunk driving on the drive home.


The consequences of a drunk driving conviction are extremely serious. Under Tennessee law, driving under the influence of alcohol or any legal or illegal drug is punished as follows.

  • First offense: Driver's license revoked for one year
  • Second offense: Mandatory four to five day jail sentence
  • Third offense: Mandatory 120-day jail sentence
  • Fourth offense: Felony DUI


In addition to the punishment by the state, a drunk driving conviction on your record will increase your car insurance rates dramatically. Unable to drive, many people convicted of DUIs lose their jobs because they can't get to work.


The Memphis drunk driving defense attorneys of The McAfee Law Firm, PLLC will aggressively defend you of all DUI/DWI/drunk driving charges. Please contact a DUI lawyer at our firm today for a free consultation and case evaluation. Whether this is your first DUI or you have been charged multiple times, we will explore all possible strategies for minimizing the negative consequences to you.


DUIs are more complicated than they may first appear. We will dig into your case and question how you were stopped, why you were stopped, and how you were assessed as being under the influence. We may mount a technical defense, questioning the validity of the Breathalyzer test. We will view the video of the arrest multiple times, analyzing it for possible legal strategies.

We will negotiate with the District Attorney to get the charges reduced or dismissed. If you are convicted of a DUI, we will work to minimize its impact on your life. We will help you obtain a restricted driver's license that allows you to drive to work.

DUI Statistics indicate the importance of holistic legal assistance

A study of DUI arrests in Tennessee between 2002 and 2007 revealed some alarming statistics:

  • A study covering the period between 2002 and 2007 showed that 21 percent of the 137,000 people arrested for DUI were arrested again on DUI charges within that period.
  • 34 percent of the repeat offenses took place within six months of the first arrest.
  • This repeat offense rate was significantly higher than the rate for rape (6%) and robbery (16%).

Clearly, the harsh punishment imposed on DUI offenders in Tennessee is not enough to effectively deter them from continuing along a dangerous path. With over three decades of combined experience in criminal defense, each DUI attorney in Memphis at McAfee & McAfee, PLLC recognizes that a highly effective legal defense is only one part of the services our clients need from us. Compassionate support is equally important to help clients and their families start fresh lives.


We provide a skilled legal defense—and caring support: Part of an effective legal defense can include voluntary enrollment in an alcohol or drug treatment program prior to the first day of court. But our DUI defense attorneys in Memphis know that all treatment programs are not equally effective. Data suggests that attending classes is typically not enough—at least a year of intensive treatment that combines weekly therapy sessions and individual counseling is a more effective approach for both inpatient and outpatient treatment.

We truly care about our clients, and we know the programs that have the best success rates. By helping our clients enroll in the most effective programs, judges recognize the serious actions they are taking to deal with their problems—and we help our clients avoid becoming a repeat offender statistic.


To help break the cycle of repeat offenses, DUI offenders need attorneys whose services do not stop with a skilled legal defense. The Memphis criminal attorneys at The McAfee Law Firm, PLLC care about the futures of our clients, and we take a holistic approach to their support. We provide effective support for the legal issues—and we help our clients and their families find effective programs and counseling to break the repeat offense cycle.

To discuss your specific case, please contact a drunk driving defense lawyer at The McAfee Law Firm, PLLC in Memphis today for a free initial consultation.  Call The McAfee Law Firm, PLLC at (901) 328-7000.