How a Memphis Drunk Driving Lawyer Can Help

Drunk driving charges are not like traffic tickets—they are prosecuted as serious crimes, with penalties including license revocation and jail time. With blood alcohol test results already working against them, many people believe they have no hope of winning their cases. Having an experienced Memphis drunk driving lawyer from McAfee & McAfee in Tennessee representing you can make a dramatic difference in the success of your case.


How we can help

With over three decades of combined criminal defense experience, the Memphis drunk driving defense lawyers in our firm use many creative approaches to apply the law to the benefit of our clients accused of drunk driving. The following are some examples of techniques we can use in your defense:


  • Representing you throughout the legal process.  Anyone facing criminal charges needs to observe their right to remain silent until an experienced attorney is at their side. Our Memphis criminal attorneys diligently protect you from illegal questioning and advise you before you innocently make incriminating statements to law enforcement officials.


  • Refuting the evidence.  The results of a blood alcohol test are not always accurate. Particularly in cases when police administer a breathalyzer test, the outcome can be skewed by inexperienced administration or even by faulty equipment. We conduct thorough investigations to potentially eliminate the most damaging evidence the prosecution has against you.


  • Identifying mitigating circumstances.  Individuals taking prescription or over-the-counter medication may not be aware of possible interactions caused by alcohol. Your driving may have been adversely affected after consuming just a half glass of wine. This is just one type of mitigating circumstance our attorneys can use in your defense.


  • Negotiation.  Particularly if you have a clean prior driving record, our Memphis criminal lawyers can often negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution to ensure one mistake does not ruin your future.

Whether you just had one extra drink with your dinner, or even if you made bad choices with drugs, contact a skilled drunk driving defense attorney from McAfee & McAfee, PLLC before you answer any questions after an arrest. We offer a free consultation and provide effective criminal defense in cases of drunk driving.  Call The McAfee Law Firm, PLLC at (901) 328-7000.